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Using WebMail to check E-mail

This tutorial will show you the basics of accessing your e-mail online using WebMail.

WebMail is a function that lets you check your e-mail online using a standard web browser. The great thing about WebMail is that you can check your e-mail from any location, all you need is an Internet Connection and a browser. WebMail is similar to Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, the only difference is you can still get your mail using your mail software on your computer using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Netscape Mail and still use WebMail. This tutorial will show you the basics.

1. To get to the login screen for your webmail, go to the main Ctech Internet page, Once there, click the "Login to Webmail" link.

Once you go to this URL, you should see the following, then enter your username or password:

2. Once you see the above login box, you will then type in your Username or UserID. Your UserID is usually your first initial than your last name.


Note: Your username may be different than your e-mail address if you are using e-mail aliases.)

After typing in your username (UserID), type in your e-mail password, then click Login.

3. When you log in for the first time, you will see a message saying you have logged in successfully and you can then click CONTINUE and set up your account with your name, signature, etc.

After this is complete, you will be taken to the main area of WebMail, your INBOX. In the upper left hand corner of the main page, you will see the following icons and drop down menu:

4. Your messages will be listed in the order they were received. To read a message, click on the Message's SUBJECT NAME. Once you view an e-mail, you can click REPLY to send a message to that individual.

The upper right hand drop down menu allows you to organize your mail by moving messages into different folders. Folders can be added or removed by clicking the FOLDER ICON which is shown in step 3.

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